Habiba Balogun

Habiba Balogun
Kokomma Williams
The CEO Column is set to be a motivational tool for upcoming entrepreneurs, especially women.
Mrs Habiba Balogun is the CEO of Habiba Balogun Consulting. Organisation Effectiveness Consultant, the Executive Coach, Social Justice Activist. Board member of Fate Foundation, WISCAR, LPSS, Accion MfB and KIND.  NEC member of KOWA Party. Lagos Coordinator of BBOG.
– Leadership
– Management Consulting
– HR Consulting & Training
– Financial Inclusion
– Education
– Women Empowerment
Her Advice:
Young female entrepreneurs should be financially literate.  If you don’t already have those skills, invest in a course, do self-learning online, or attend seminars.  You are in business to earn an income, pay your bills and build your wealth.  Without financial literacy, your earnings are unlikely to give you the security and the kind of life you want“.


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