Journey to self discovery

Journey to self discovery
Kokomma Williams

Growing up, I always wanted to sing. I sang everywhere; in the shower, at school, around the house… I joined the choir for god’s sake. I knew I was going to be a singer, I was that confident. That was a few years ago…
Here’s what happened…

Halfway through numerous failed attempts to get a record deal ( I have lived in Lagos for more than 5 years). I discovered that having the gift of singing didn’t necessarily mean I was going to become this international music sensation. I had written lyrics the size of a notebook, written some songs and sang them to myself, I did all I could given what I knew… and then it hit me. “Maybe my gift of music is for a specific purpose”, ” I thought to my self”. 
But what could it be? time has passed, I was getting older… Life happened somewhere in between and slowly I began drifting away from music. I still sing occasionally, when I’m not running errands or juggling a million things on my ‘To do’ list.
After a few years of ” I need some working experience” jobs, 1 or 2 terrible bosses and a snail speed business venture, I began finding interest in talking to people about the struggles in life.
And there it was,  staring me right in the face. I was born to MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE others. This may sound a bit far-fetched but it totally made sense to me.
With my gift of singing and writing and just generally being able to speak convincingly and from my heart, made it obvious. 
It is the little details that we ignore when faced with challenges, the lessons that we fail to see in every disappointment, the desire that keeps popping up in your head right in the middle of an executive office meeting, that quiet time you fantasize about what you’re going to be in future, the goals you’ve set out for your self based on your passion, the items that keep making top 5 on your  ” what am I good at?” make a List, the persistent compulsion to do something you’ve always wanted to do, despite not being equipped financially,“. 
Do you get my drift? That’s the road to self-discovery…
Have you ever tried to do something else, but you keep finding yourself doing another? 
The one culprit of delay and lack of focus is when your major goal is to ” Make Money“, I’m not saying that it’s not good to aspire for wealth, I’m saying that when you find what you are passionate about and love to do… It is usually accompanied by Money. Because then, you will be doing it because you LOVE to do it and others will see your passion and dedication and will be compelled to know more about what you do and with God on your side, SUCCESS is yours!!!
P.S: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes plus FEAR is a mirage never acknowledge it.


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