Kokomma Williams
Many times we believe that when things go wrong and have probably gone past the timing for the possibility of restoration and intervention that it means it could no longer be salvaged or rescued. This may be ill health, broken relationships, missed opportunities etc. 
This could not be further away from the truth, because timing is one thing that I believe is divine and can be re-arranged for our benefit once we know how to apply the principles of time.
Time is a beautiful thing, because it keeps records, creates multiple chances, inspires hope and presents opportunities. So it allows you to look back, re-live moments, try again and have expectations. I love it!
You may be faced with a problem or challenge that you were not prepared for or have never experienced therefore unable to respond adequately to or know the details of how to deal with it. This may leave you lost and confused for a while. Do not fret, you are only doing what you know how to do given your knowledge of the situation and your understanding of the circumstances surrounding the situation. For some, this may be as serious as a legal case, terminal illness or as fragile as a broken relationship/marriage. Every problem has an expiration date, sooner or later everything will work out. some may end as expected, others may end with a lesson, either way, we leave equipped with new knowledge and better prepared to survive/overcome.
Life takes us on a journey of discoveries and lessons all categorized within different times and stages in our life. I have come to understand that our life is doing what it is supposed to do whether we are ready for it or not and time is there to make sure of it. Nothing that happens to us is without redemption and opportunities to resolve and live better afterwards.
The outcome of what limits/challenges us does so within the provision of the time we might have experienced it. You will not know how to tackle or solve a problem you are not prepared for, take, for example, you are going in to write an exam you have never studied for, you will definitely fail. it is a given fact. However, this does mean that you will never get another chance to try again, only this time based on your past experience you will be better prepared for it. The question now is, will you be willing to try again?
Time will always give you a chance to learn about a problem, it will always give you a chance to keep trying and to make things right. Time will never limit you to the outcome of the problem though you may have not been prepared for it, however, time will always allow you to chose if you want to try again once you have learned how to better manage/ cope with the challenge you were earlier faced with. This can be both physical and spiritual- Now, this is where the devil has got a lot of people in a choke hold and why many people fall short or end up where they were not supposed to be- hence the feeling of being lost and unsure of where to go or what next to do. 
My take on this is, be relentless in your resolve, be persistent in your desire to know what to do by holding on to God’s word and asking him for help. I assure you that He will respond at the appointed time if you do not give up. Even when it looks like the time has passed, God will bring it to manifest, because He knows the end from the beginning and vice versa meaning that he is in control of time therefore nothing is “too late” for God, Nothing takes God by surprise. God’s power is designed to do more than we expect, He is never limited by Time.
If it has not happened yet, then it is not yet time. 


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