Nkem Onwudiwe

Nkem Onwudiwe
Kokomma Williams

Nkem Onwudiwe is the founder of Her Network,  a platform to give women the opportunity to meet, connect and expand their personal and professional networks. Her Network is a global networking platform created to Connect, Inspire and Encourage women of diverse strata of life to help one another grow.  and focused on Bridging the gap, between women.

Nkem is a passionate and driven PR Consultant with experience in communicating with the public on behalf of companies, TV Shows and personalities. She’s also Able to leverage skills and extensive network for spreading messages to the public via traditional and new media.






When I asked her advice for young female entrepreneurs, this is what she said:

I’d advise young female entrepreneurs to stay focused on watering their seed once they have planted. The way life is set up, one can easily stray to the next seed perhaps because it sprouted before theirs and get so carried away that they forget to give their seeds the nutrients it needs to go. It is said that what you focus on, grows. So focus on your seed and feed it daily. An extreme focus will yield results, distractions will only have you thinking you’re a failure, which you aren’t. So focus on your seed, give it all the nutrients and it will grow


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