Top 10 Tools for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Tools for Entrepreneurs
Kokomma Williams

I am a huge fan of technology, and I believe technology is the future.  

The nature of my work as a budding entrepreneur is hinged on communication and visuals. This means that I am constantly sharing information and images with those I work with and for. In this era of social media, it is common knowledge that it is a tool that has changed so many peoples lives and has created opportunities for big brands and SMEs to connect and reach a wider audience with just a click of a button.

Building my business has been a process of discovery, trials and failures. However there are some tools that I have discovered to be very effective and has helped my work and brand, and I want to share them with you. There are:

  1. Canva: Canva is a designing tool that makes designing amazingly simple. It comes with pre-designed templates to help you create amazing posters and flyers etc. It is so easy to navigate. When I started using canva three years ago, I had no idea about graphic designs, but with time and constant trying, I can now make all my designs with so much ease. I once said I owe the founder of Canva a drink, I still mean it.
  2. Google: Google is not just your friend, but your best friend. This is my go-to for information and research. I will go out on a limb and say that Google is one tool that you cannot do without in terms of having all the information you need at your fingertips. I love Google.
  3. MicrosoftMicrosoft has reduced the need for me to start writing documents from scratch. I write a lot of letters and proposals. With the new Microsoft 2019 software, it has a collection of professional documents that allows you to quickly make edits to suit the purpose you want it for. It’s superb.
  4. Smart Phone: My Samsung s5 phone is a Slim, Mean, Machine. It does more for me than my laptop does because it is easy to use and has a lot of friendly functions and apps that make sharing and communicating smooth.
  5. Appications: Because of the nature of my work, My go-to Apps are Telegram, Textgram, Whatsapp, Bitly, PhotoGrid, Facebook, Instagram, WPS Office.
  6. Instagram: I decided to list Instagram as a separate tool because it is an app that has helped my brand in so many ways. Before launching this website, Instagram saved the purpose of having an online presence. You just have to understand the algorithms to really enjoy the effectiveness of Instagram. One of my absolute favourite social media platforms.
  7. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the Unsung hero of social media. And I strongly believe that LinkedIn is such an amazing platform to meet and connect with other professionals. And as an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is like free money, because the wealth of resources you can find there is unbelievable. If you do not have an account, now is the time to do so,
  8. Network Provider: In Nigeria, Data is like oxygen as there is a boom in social media communications and connections. Everything is now online. So choosing your service provider is a very critical decision. I have sampled quite a number of service providers and have finally settled with 2 (  the third is on standby). My first choice network provider is Etisalat– they never disappoint and then GLO is my go-to provider now because, its a bit more pocket-friendly in terms of data rates. 
  9. Youtube: Youtube is another tool that I use to stay on the pulse of what is happening with the things in my area of interest. I simply subscribe and turn on notifications and I watch live stream conferences, TED Talks and of course preaching. It’s my Mobile TV. I have learned to do so many things by simply watching a Youtube video.
  10. Taxify: If you are a Lagosian, you know how important comfort is when you are sitting in traffic. Taxify helps me move around with ease without the burden of looking for parking space and driving. Its affordable and their app is user-friendly. 


What are some of your favourite tools?


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