Alex Okoroji

Alex Okoroji
Kokomma Williams

Alex Okoroji is the CEO of the BRAG Media Company, an Actress, Writer, TV & Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Mentor and Creator of The NAKED Philosophy™ with over a decade of professional experience as a Media Personality, content creator & Creative Entrepreneur who has successfully re-invented herself at every stage of her career and have been featured in over 250 Media platforms around the world.
She is the Author of the book tilted Uncovered

Here is her advice for young women entrepreneurs:

If I could give any advice, it would be for young female entrepreneurs to listen more. Listening is an important skill that can definitely help you grow because it allows entrepreneurs to understand their customers or clients better. Many times, young entrepreneurs get caught up in their own view of the world or their product/service, without really knowing what their customers want. Keeping an open mind and having the ability to listen actively “with curiosity”, allows successful entrepreneurs to create the products that customers really want. We’re used to having to deal with pitfalls, but personal critique just isn’t something many people deal with well. Having a positive mindset and seeing things as an opportunity to learn something new about how people interact with your work or product, can be all you need to overcome that. By seeing the positive in any critique, you’ll allow yourself to GROW and become better than you were the day before”.


  1. Ryan K Biddulph 2 years ago

    Super advice! Listening will help you serve folks, and generous servants who live from the heart become incredibly successful.

  2. Author
    Kokomma Williams 2 years ago

    Thank you for your comment.

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