Chidi Koldsweat

Chidi Koldsweat
Kokomma Williams

Ms Koldsweat is a development professional with over 11 years experience with writing winning grants and proposals for non-governmental and philanthropy organizations. She strategizes and undertakes independent research in finding alternative resources for long-term sustainability, develop a business plan to generate income from various sources and build contacts with potential individual donors to raise funds for the activities of the organization.



-International development


Her advice for young female entrepreneurs:

“There is so much I have learnt from working with, training and now becoming an entrepreneur and I will endeavour to summarize them in few words. Do not be afraid to evolve. You owe yourself and no one else this. The vision to run your business was revealed to you and it is OK to evolve. Test the waters, take risks, ask questions, ask for help, have faith, cry on days you have to. Whatever you do- you must give yourself permission to evolve.. Don’t be stuck in perfection, you will spend too much time there, waiting for the right time or the right moment and nothing really grows there. I have learnt that as we slowly evolve, we begin to identify what works and what doesn’t, what we like and don’t like; how to lead with fear and boldness. Its in evolving you give yourself permission to experience the whole journey and then decide per time what is useful for you and above all needed to run a successful business or non-profit”.


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