Women Mentoring Hub

Women Mentoring Hub
Kokomma Williams

The Women Mentoring Hub is an offspring of the Idea Builders Women Mentoring Women Partnership Program. Launched on April 5th, 2018, the Women Mentoring Hub aims to create an engaging platform for women to foster effective communication that will positively change their mindset and ultimately stir them up to change their lives for the better by inviting and connecting Top women leaders who come in as Mentors to speak on different topics that affect women and will help women be and do more.

The Hub is anchored on the Telegram app with women from different countries and states in Nigeria.

Women that wish to join the hub should follow www.instagram.com/womenmentoringhub on Instagram and send their names and location via direct message to receive the invite link to join the hub.



These are the steps to Join the hub on Telegram.

1.Search and click to download the Telegram app on Google store or Apple store

2.Select the App with the blue arrowhead and to install

3. Go to the app on your mobile device and click to register your name and number

4. Follow women Mentoring Hub on Instagram (www.instagram.com/womenmentoringhub) and send a direct message requesting to join with your full name and location.’

5. You will immediately receive the invite link to join the hub.


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