How to find your voice & use it for positive change

How to find your voice & use it for positive change
Kokomma Williams

I have worked in the Non-profit space for over 10 years, and it has accorded me access to training, learning opportunities and has helped me find what I am passionate about which is working with and for women. I want to help and see women succeed. I do this in various ways, one of which is the WomenMentoringHub.

Last week we had Ms Anuli Ola-Olaniyi on the platform and we discussed the topic-Using our voice for positive change.

Right now in the world, more women are speaking up about injustices and taking a bold stand against practices that are affecting women and girls all across the world together and it has made a remarkable difference. 

Here are a few ways you can find and use your voice for positive change.

  1. Choose an area to drive change: what you see as injustice maybe your area of calling. The UN sustainable development goals have a list of subject areas that can serve as a guide. It is easy to get annoyed and biker about issues. But ask yourself, what do I do about this? Where can I drive even the little change?
  2. Be a subject matter expert: Read, research, be analytical, ask questions, grow your intellectual capacity.
  3. Lend your voice, literally: do the action of literally lending your voice. Voice is for talking, speaking and acting on it. Find a way to make this action point every time. In lending your voice, social media is a tool. What do you do when issues are raised online? are you passive? Are you reactive? Joining forces to speak up goes a long way.
  4. Contribute positively to radio shows, TV shows, engaging platforms: Call into radio and TV programs and make your voice and opinions heard. 
  5. Be consistent: Once you begin to voice out your opinions backed up with the 4 points mentioned, you need to show diligence and consistency. Keep at it, don’t give up, keep taking n=and decisions will get made.




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