Phases: You have more inside of you

Phases: You have more inside of you
Kokomma Williams

When I took this photo last year, I was just excited about being able to finally launch my jewellery/accessories line (Koko Williams Designs) and was taking marketing photos for it. I did not yet enrol at EDC neither did I conceive the thought of launching my website, though I had plans to launch one for my business, God gave me a bigger picture when I started working on it. “Don’t make it just about you, make it about other people too“.

When you open up your heart to God and really ask Him to work through you, He will give you the grace and resources to pull through.

A few days to the launch of this site, my laptop packed up, with all the docs and photos for my site. When I overcame that, a day to the launch, the battery of my laptop just went kaput. I overcame that too, on the day of the launch, I had no network connection (I have one main internet service provider and a backup internet provider) both had no service. I knew this was the enemy trying to frustrate me, this just made me even more determined to launch.

A few minutes to midnight as I sat praying to God to step in, I went back and tried to post my flyers/links and to take a final look on the site before announcing, as I clicked on the wifi button, I got full bars and my website was launched.

The enemy will always try to keep you down, but you MUST be determined to rise above and do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

Do not give up, Do not cave in. Stand and fight for your life, your future, your destiny. Be the one that breaks the cycle of failed attempts at success in your family. Begin a new line of success stories for your generation.

God has placed you on this earth for a reason. Trust Him and move with faith and never be intimidated by setbacks and failure.

God reveals things to us in phases, He may give you a glimpse of what it is (the inner knowing) but He will show them to you in de=ifferent stages. Gid has big plans for your life and you have more inside you than you might be aware of.

You are created for greatness, Go BE it.


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