You are not alone.

You are not alone.
Kokomma Williams

It is Ok to admit that you don’t have it all together.

That you feel like giving up, and you feel left behind and all alone.

The nights you lay awake worried sick about your kids and how you’re going to pay the bills- God sees it all

The fact that it seems like help is far away – God knows that too!

The disappointments and letdowns, the mistakes and setbacks – That too, He knows.

The fact that you can’t seem to get a job and it feels like all hell is about to break loose- God is fully aware.

In your darkest times, when there’s no one else around, He is right there with you. You may not feel it, and it may not seem like it, But God is ever present.

He will give you the grace to STAND, the wisdom to form ideas to create wealth, the strength to carry on until He brings you to a place where your tears will be dried and your heart full of Joy.

Because He said, He will never leave nor forsake us and I BELIEVE this for you and for me as we try to figure out this thing called LIFE.

When we were young, we had big plans for our lives, then destiny took over… Trust Him in the blurry places, tomorrow will be a brighter day!


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