Pearl Recycling

Pearl Recycling
Kokomma Williams

Pearl Recycling is founded by Ayeni-Babajide .O. and is focused on solving Nigeria’s waste problem and reducing the waste landfills through waste remodelling by reinventing solid waste into sustainable, eco-friendly products. It does this through upcycling solid waste into furniture and decor that are useful for homes and offices and the creation of waste hubs around 3 states of the federation where trainees are sensitized and trained on waste upcycling. With more than 300,000 metric tonnes of waste generated in Nigeria, pearl recycling is set to tackle this growing problem.


In two years, Pearl recycling has trained over 200 unemployed women on waste to furniture skill with more than 65% starting out their own waste company, impacted indirectly more than 5 million people on environmental sustainability and through media 2 million Nigerians have been sensitized on the need to reuse and recycle.



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