The difference a year makes

The difference a year makes
Kokomma Williams

On January 1, 2018, I sat in the Passover service of my church, still recovering from a very turbulent experience with emotional scars so deep, it was almost visible.

While I sat there praising God in my own way with sobs and blurry gaze at the crowd of other people singing and shouting. I was simply happy to be alive, because for a while back then, I did not think i was going to make it into the new year.

My smile was laced with a quiver and my eyes were quick to water. As I walked out of the service with staggering hope, I took with me the will to fight for my life regardless of how I felt.

So I scraped, crawled and tried everything I could to break out of what now felt like a private prison. I prayed, read books, applied for opportunities to get myself moving again

Fast forward, January 1, 2019, after a year of learning, failures, mistakes, a lot of grace and some success. I was now able to present my self to the world as who I have always been but too afraid to let out. I launched my website ( as a woman who has gone full circle and was now ready to help other women and impact the lives of others positively.

This is a page from my story, a story that will soon be told in full.


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