Top 20 Nigerian Dishes you must try

Top 20 Nigerian Dishes you must try
Kokomma Williams

Nigerian cuisine is one of the best in Africa. It consists of dishes or food items from the hundreds of ethnic groups that comprise Nigeria. Like other West African cuisines, it uses spices and herbs with palm or groundnut oil to create deeply flavoured sauces and soups. Nigerian feasts are colourful and lavish, while the aromatic market and roadside snacks cooked on barbecues or fried in oil are plentiful and varied.

Here are my top 20 Nigerian Cuisines you must absolutely try:

  1. The Nigerian Jollof Rice

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2.  Suya 

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3. Zobo Drink

What it is: The roselle plant is a hibiscus plant that is native to parts of west Africa, and the flowers are what's used to make this refreshing drink.Why it's awesome: It's tangy and sweet and inherently customisable – you can add fruits of your choice, like a non-alcoholic Pimm's: cloves, sparkling water or lemonade, and even chilli. On a hot day, there's nothing like a tall glass of zobo.There's a recipe here and another here.

4. Dodo ( Fried ripe plantain)

What it is: Pronounced "doh-doh", these are deep fried plantains (not bananas), cut in slim diagonal slices, circles or cubes (colloquially known as "party dodo") and deep-dried. Some people like to sprinkle some salt on before frying, but that's down to personal taste. It's a snack, a side dish, a main meal, a blessing.Why it's awesome: It tastes like a mother's love. It's impossible to cook it badly. It's both a whole meal and a side dish. It is the best thing.You don't really need a recipe for this: just peel, chop and fry. Crack open a Supermalt and eat it on the veranda.

5. Garri


6. Afang Soup

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7.  Ekpang Nkwukwo

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8. Moi Moi


9. Pepper Soup

Nigerian Goat meat pepper soup 1

10. Nkwobi


11. Abacha and Ugba


12. Ogbono Soup

Ogbono Soup

13. Amala and Ewedu

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14.  White soup and Pounded Yam

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15. Beans and plantain

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16.  Akara and Pap

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17. Coconut Rice

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18. Miyan Taushe and Tuwo Shinkafa

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19. Rice and Stew

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20.  Starch and Banga

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