Women Mentoring Hub

Women Mentoring Hub
Kokomma Williams

The Women Mentoring Hub was launched on April 5th, 2018 and it is designed to be an engaging platform for women to foster effective communication that will positively change their mindset and ultimately stir them up to change their lives for the better.

These women come from all over the world and share the same or similar struggles in life. WMH is a place where we connect with other women and particularly with Top Women Leaders across the Globe.
We are intentional with supporting each other and making a genuine effort to lift every woman up, not just with words but with kind actions where possible.

By linking Top women Leaders from across the world with Mentees from all over the world, Women Mentoring Hub is setting the pace in digital learning and bridging the gap in communication and providing an equal opportunity and platform for women to connect, learn and network.

To Join us on the Hub, please download and install the Telegram app on your phone and send us a Telegram message to 08036600522 requesting to join the hub with your name, location and a recent photo. You will automatically be add to the group.


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