Register for the Women Mentoring Hub Roundtable Brunch in Lagos.

Register for the Women Mentoring Hub Roundtable Brunch in Lagos.
Kokomma Williams

You may be at a point where you feel stuck or just want clarity to go on, you may even be indecisive on what exactly to do and where to focus your energy. Well, today, we are offering you an opportunity to get the practical help that you need and we are going further to step out of the Online platform to have a face-to-face in-depth conversations to ensure you get the coaching, mentoring and the final push you need to step out boldly, be motivated to stay the course and stay inspired to win! How? Through our Women Mentoring Hub Roundtable Brunch Series!

The Women Mentoring Hub roundtable brunch series is a meet-up event held every other month and its designed to facilitate a one-on-one mentoring experience for women, by creating an opportunity for Mentors and industry experts to have a proper sit-down with women (mentees) who desire to acquire knowledge, guidance and receive the tools they need to lead an impactful and successful life. The discussions will be centred on the needs of the women participants (mentees) to assist them to navigate through the process of de-cluttering, finding their path and reaching to be the best version of themselves while achieving their set goals and aspiring towards their dreams with plans to achieve them.

In these sessions, you’ll get a chance to get the answers to pressing questions that may be limiting your growth and achievements, also get a one-month free coaching relationship with the mentors, and be part of the women mentoring hub network that will give you access to top women leaders and resources to help you in your journey to self and achievement alongside invites to special events and programs.

Our first Guest Mentor at the Roundtable Brunch is Alex Okoroji.
Alex is ranked Top 250 Most Influential Women Leaders in the World by Richtopia. She has been featured in over 250 Media platforms around the world. Alex has a gift and expertise to break down complex issues and bring clarity to confusing situations with simplicity and practicality. She is a well of resources and a gem.

Kokomma Williams (Host Mentor) has over 10 years’ experience working with women in various sectors, with the ability to find areas of weakness and through her direct yet subtle approach can infuse the passion and motivation required to stay the course until you reach your goal. Kokomma has been instrumental to over 100 successful mentoring relationships over the years that has led to producing very focused and impactful social change agents in Nigeria whose work has received national and international recognition. She is passionate about helping women succeed and as such, is vast in knowledge and valuable resources in the form of people and tools.

We invite you to take full advantage of this opportunity to sit down for an in-depth mentoring and coaching session that is guaranteed to change your life and stir you in the direction you need to be going. Space is very limited, once they are full, we cannot take on more people so time is really of the essence here.

This type of opportunity comes at a heavy cost, however, the hub is offering it for only N5, 000. Not because it’s what the content of this session is worth, but because we place impact above monetary satisfaction at this point and we hope you can see the value offer and recognize that this fee is a steal.

Participants will have lunch and receive a coaching/mentoring support for 1-month post the event to ensure that they are doing all that they are supposed to do and have learned from meeting with the mentors.

Once payment is confirmed, participants will receive an entry code that will serve as an acknowledgement for payment.

If you are interested, text 08036600522 to receive payment details and quickly sign up for this event coming up on May, 26th 2019. You will receive for the Brunch venue once payment is confirmed.

Do not waste time, we want you to start the process of becoming more and living the life you desire.

To your greatness!


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