Happy New Year: Grow in Challenges

Happy New Year: Grow in Challenges
Kokomma Williams

“If you don’t challenges yourself, you will never realize what you can become.” -Anonymous


Starting this blog was a dream come true, however it has come with a lot of challenges, setbacks and a tonne of work that I may have underestimated ;BUT it has thought me to be resilient, to dig deeper and develop thicker skin.

Throughout 2019, I’ve learned so much about myself, what I want to contribute to my society and humanity. Thus blog has streamlined my passion and purpose.

So this year, my theme is to Grow in Challenges. There’s always a way out if we keep looking and we don’t give up.

So expect more content that will teach, guide,encourage and inspire you. I sincerely want to be a source of comfort to as many as possible.

So stop by often, and if you have an inspiring story to share with others, I’ll be delighted to share.

To get regular encouragement and motivation to keep you going this year, follow me on my Instagram page, (www.instagram.com/koksilala_) or search @koksilala_ there you’ll receive my weekly posts that I believe will bless and help you.

I have more news coming up later this year, so stay connected.

Here’s to dreams coming true this year! This year we BLOOM. 







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