10 questions to ask yourself.

10 questions to ask yourself.
Kokomma Williams

If you are anything like me, you hardly have enough time to do everything that needs to be done, and may sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Its important to set some time every day to check-in on yourself to help create some balance and to keep things going smoothly. So I have put together some questions to help you begin the process.

These questions are designed help you navigate through different areas of your life and are in no way a complete list as more questions can stem from them.

Here there are:


1. What helps me know my value?

-What are some of the things you do or have accomplished that points to your value?

-How can you keep this up?


2. What activities make me happy?

-What do i do?

-Where do I go?

-Who do I spend time with that makes me truly happy?

-How can I keep these activities up?


3. What I’m I so afraid of?

-What are the things/thoughts that are holding me back from living my full potential?

-How can I overcome them?


4. Are there changes I want to make?

– what do I want out of life?

– what brings me down?


5. Who or what inspires me?

– where do I go for a boost when I feel down?

– what/ who motivates me?


6. Is there negativity I need to cut out of my life? 

– what are the limiting thoughts that hold me down?

– what habits need to be discarded that are clearly not good for me?

– who do I need to cut off ?


7. What negative thoughts about who I am ,am I holding on to?

– what do I need to heal from?

– what mistakes have I made in the past that I need to learn from and move on? 


8. What positive thoughts about myself can I focus on?

– what I’m I good at?

– what I’m I proud of?

– what do other people say about me that makes me happy?


9. What is between me and who I want to be?

– How do I define myself to myself?

– what can I do to advance in my business/career?


10. If money / time was not an issue, what would I be doing?

– what are the things that I can do easily?

– what feels natural to me?

– Do I love my job? What would I rather be doing?



I would recommend that you keep a journal. It can be a gratitude journal or a general journal for your thoughts, goals and accomplishments. 

I have been keeping journals since I was a teenager and I’ve found out that it really helps to keep me on track with what I’m grateful for, my goals and thoughts. I go back to read them to see and feel how far I’ve come, my growth process and the things I’m truly grateful for.

You can connect with me on instagram, I try to share some of the things that has helped and encouraged me and I believe they will be of help to you.


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